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02-12-2015 32 1
Simple script for exploring WMI classes locally.
10-25-2014 140 0
It's a simple WMI description reader.
10-16-2014 45 0
Get DNS & WINS Server with DHCP Enabled Status of TRUE...
This powershell script will take a list of server names you provide and run through them and provide...
04-25-2014 199 0
Install TCP/IP Printer port and Printer
Good day, http://farisnt.blogspot.ae/ You may want to install an IP Printer to several computers...
02-09-2014 473 0
Remote install with GUI
Easy way to install a program in a Remote Computer.
05-09-2010 1,795 0
Remote uninstall with GUI
Easy way to uninstall programs in a Remote Computer. It also has an option to list all the programs...
05-09-2010 2,255 2
Accepts computer names from pipeline & changes specific properties for the specified service...
11-13-2009 793 0
Run WMI query on every computer in an array of OUs
This script allows you to specify a WMI class and any properties that you wish to query, run the...
06-24-2009 917 0
In order to enumerate all the WMI namespaces, you must first connect to the "root" namespace...
04-28-2009 541 0
Get service on remote server
This script permits to give you the status , state, and start mode for a set of remote server #...
03-24-2009 1,360 5
Get process owner using WMI. Attributed To: Shaun Cassells URL: http://myitforum.com/cs2/blogs/scassells...
03-07-2009 541 0
WMI Query example to get memory device information. Attributed To: Shaun Cassells URL: http://myitforum...
03-07-2009 476 0
This script retrieves client information through WMI.. Read more about it here >> goude@powershell...
02-27-2009 817 0
Get User Authenticated On Remote Server
This function permits to know who is authenticated on remote server. Personnaly, I have added this...
01-28-2009 584 2
Date Formatting with Win32_LogonSession
A one-line example of date formatting using the get-wmobject cmdlet using Win32_LogonSession
01-24-2009 530 2
Rename Computer by using WMI
Hello This script shows you how to rename computer by using WMI How to use it : & .\rename-computerName...
01-18-2009 1,017 4
Get Uptime of a computer
This script uses WMI to determine when the system was last booted and then determines and displays...
01-13-2009 1,453 0
Get Desktop Monitor Resolution
This script uses the Win32_DesktopMonitor class to get resolution of the monitor, then displays...
01-12-2009 955 0
Demonsrates [WMICLASS]
Shows difference between static method (create) and dynamic methods(eg delete). The script is designed...
12-27-2008 505 0
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