Windows 7

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Automatically Add ScriptProperties From SubObjects
Add-SubProps automatically creates script properties for all properties found in a subobject. So...
02-17-2011 467 0
Average Boot Time
Uses the Windows Event Log to get the last 10 boot times and averages them.
03-14-2013 586 0
Change Windows Power Scheme
Hi, this script helps to change the default or Active "Power Scheme" on windows 7 with...
11-09-2011 707 0
Colorful HTML Report showing service status
Creates a color-coded HTML report. Stopped services are marked in red, running services in green...
12-06-2010 1,369 1
Desktop Managemnt Tools
hi To know more about it, visit this link
03-27-2012 717 0
dim display brightness
shows how to control notebook display brightness. Takes advantage of the "Power" troubleshootingpack...
05-17-2011 772 0
Disk Cleanup Tool
Hi, This is a simple Disk clean up script which is based on PowerShell. It cleans user Temp folder...
02-23-2012 983 1
Finds all child processes (even nested ones) from a given process ID. Provides result objects that...
05-09-2012 566 0
retrieves all shortcut information in your start menu
10-01-2010 832 1
Kill "Not Responding" Processes
Hi, This is the simplest "2 Liner Script" for kill multiple "Not responding"...
11-09-2011 473 1
moving file in current date stamp nested folder path
there is folder structure say x:\Y, one directory created having suffix as current date say x:\Y...
06-18-2013 255 0
Pin Office Shortcuts to Taskbar
Really simple script that will pin Word, Excel and Powerpoint to the taskbar. Windows 7 and English...
03-29-2012 508 0
Read all Event Logs in one step
Demonstrates how to query which event logs exist and then query all of them for all events that...
12-06-2010 1,032 1
Read extended file attributes/properties
Add-FileDetails enables you to add additional properties to a file like video size or music artist...
01-07-2011 1,856 0
Refresh Explorer
creates a function called Refresh-Explorer which calls native API functions to make explorer refresh...
11-16-2010 1,336 0
Ever wanted to uninstall a font? Here's a sample function that automates this. It removes the...
04-24-2012 547 0
restart-computer As Powershell ScheduledJob
Some have the need to restart their workstation/server at a given interval. This can be done using...
12-06-2013 406 0
Restart-Service Remotely
Stop-Service, Start-Service and Restart-Service all only work locally. This script creates a new...
11-18-2010 1,560 0
Search for File Content using Windows Desktop Search
illustrates how you can use PowerShell to query the desktop search engine to return paths to all...
06-29-2011 634 0
Set ComputerName using PowerShell
Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Hi This Script set the...
02-16-2012 488 1
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