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Scripting Database Objects in SQL Server to script files
Although this could be changed to use an input parameter file, it is the base for scripting. Inside...
04-23-2014 203 0
XenApp6 installation with powershell version 2
Install XenApp 6 with powershell scripts. Set your execution policy and run the prerequisites script...
04-17-2014 116 0
Organize Pictures by Date
Simple script to look at the date of a file and create a directory based off the lastwritetime and...
04-06-2014 187 0
BlueCat/Proteus API functions
This isn't a 'script', it is a compilation of functions (a lazy mans PS module). To...
04-03-2014 146 2
Function to build WSDL DLL
This is a simple and very generic function for creating a WSDL DLL file. If you have problems with...
04-03-2014 89 0
Backlog-Monitor - Conditionaly Check number of files
Allows changing path to folder path to log file different criterias (if lt 50 then / if lt 50 -and...
04-02-2014 74 0
PowerTips Monthly Volume 11: XML-Related Tasks
by ps1
Vol. 11 | April 2014 | XML-Related Tasks | Get more out of PowerShell with the eleventh volume of...
03-28-2014 3,176 3
Website scraping to PowerShell module
by ps2
this Gargl video on turning Yahoo search site into a PowerShell module looks pretty cool:
03-11-2014 182 0
Copy ODBC connections
Using these functions together you can copy all of one computers ODBC connections to another: $srcConfig...
03-06-2014 316 0
PowerTips Monthly Volume 10: Internet-Related Tasks
by ps1
Vol. 10 | March 2014 | Internet-Related Tasks | Get more out of PowerShell with the tenth volume...
02-27-2014 3,750 2
Change Service Account Passwords Domain Wide
This will only work is the servers in your environment all have WinRM enabled. Otherwise you will...
02-27-2014 285 1
Reboot Unregistered XenDekstop Workstations
Within a XenDesktop Environment, its a relatively frequent occurence for a Xendesktop Machine to...
02-20-2014 163 0
Set Xendesktop Friendly Name in Web Interface
This Script is written for XenDesktop Normally, when publishing XenDesktop VDI's to users, they...
02-20-2014 122 0
TechNet Radio: IT Time - Valentine's Day Special! The 14...
by ps2
Its time to break out the “ We ♥ PowerShell ” candy and cuddle up with your favorite...
02-14-2014 78 0
Add a domain user/group to a local group on one or more...
02-13-2014 184 0
Install TCP/IP Printer port and Printer
Good day, You may want to install an IP Printer to several computers...
02-09-2014 367 0
Restart Service & Email Success
This script was originally created to run as a scheduled task. All variables will have to be updated...
02-07-2014 182 0
Simple Memory Usage Report for Remote Execution
This script will remotely access and report the memory usage statistics of any Server or Computer...
02-04-2014 319 0
PowerTips Monthly Volume 9: Registry
by ps1
Vol. 9 | February 2014 | Registry | Get more out of PowerShell with the ninth volume of the PowerShell...
01-27-2014 3,589 1
VIDEO: How to Remove Modern Apps from Windows 8 with ...
by ps2
How to Remove Modern Apps from Windows 8 with Powershell
01-21-2014 165 0
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