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Inbox Email count
Poweshell to pull out the count on of email and list read and unread emails
11-26-2009 509 0
Script Template with logging function
This template contains a text based logging function. By default the log file is placed beside the...
11-26-2009 1,283 0
Seding Smtp Mails using Exchange 2007 SP2 Powershell v2
11-26-2009 401 0
Powershell to pull all Exchange Service Status
Hi, Please find attached powershell to pull all exchange services in the Exchange Servers Regards...
11-26-2009 412 0
Returns a collection of session objects where the AccountName property starts with the passed -AccountName...
11-26-2009 600 1
This script function collects all sessions within the current Citrix farm and filters them by the...
11-26-2009 536 0
Get-Workgroup & Join-Workgroup
This script defines cmdlets that can be used to get the name of the Windows Workgroup that a computer...
11-25-2009 585 3
Powershell to pull users list whos contact details is Missing...
11-25-2009 398 0
Importing Exchange Certificate
Replace thumbprint with Certificate Thumprints and certificatepath. This will import certifcate...
11-25-2009 353 0
Backup scripts to USB device
This script will backup recently changed *.ps1,*.psm1,*.psd1 files from any selected folder (default...
11-24-2009 745 0
Deleting Disconnected Mailbox
Disconnected mailbox will be deleted after 30 days. Attached script helps to force deletion of disconnected...
11-24-2009 338 0
Customising Exchange Online Mainteance
Due to Exchange Backups scheudle we may need to change Online Mainteance windows. Attached script...
11-24-2009 355 0
Powershell to Hide from GAL on all Disabled user in the...
11-24-2009 462 0
Disable Accounts for users who leave orginization
Powershel script to Disable Account, Move Object to Disabled Account OU, Hiding from GAL, removing...
11-24-2009 545 0
Reads the named arguments you appent to a powershell script. EXAMPLE powershell.exe <your script...
11-20-2009 451 0
Checks to see whether the provided path exists on the machine. If the Output switch is provided...
11-13-2009 1,033 1
Checks to see if a USB logical drive is present, if so, then alerts the user and rechecks. Great...
11-13-2009 667 0
Displays the attention message box & checks to see if the user clicks the ok button.
11-13-2009 1,231 0
Accepts computer names from pipeline & changes specific properties for the specified service...
11-13-2009 823 0
Uninstall an MSI based application using Run-Command with msiexec.exe
11-13-2009 571 0
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