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by ps3
This script create and populates a hash table then demonstrates use of contains, containskey, and...
07-21-2009 359 0
by ps3
This script creates and populates a hash table, then demonstrates the use of the .clone() method...
07-21-2009 337 0
by ps3
This script creates and populates a hash table, then demonstrates use of the .clear method. Attributed...
07-21-2009 311 0
by ps3
This script creates a HashTable, then adds some items to it, and finally prints out the resulting...
07-21-2009 303 0
by ps3
This script creates a sorted list, then adds a number of objectss to it, finally printing the resuling...
07-21-2009 361 0
by ps3
Uses and to get this info. Runs on a domain joined machine...
07-21-2009 355 0
by ps3
Uses ADSI to discover computer's account database and add the user to the local Administrator's...
07-20-2009 475 0
Embed VBS Functions Within PowerShell
You can reuse VBS code inside your PowerShell scripts. The key is the MSScriptControl COM object...
06-27-2009 531 0
ICA Client Detection
With a few lines of code you can check if an ICA Client is installed and, if yes, determine its...
06-27-2009 581 0
Run WMI query on every computer in an array of OUs
This script allows you to specify a WMI class and any properties that you wish to query, run the...
06-24-2009 825 0
Powershell to get Complete Mailbox Statistics in the Exchange...
powershell command to export the complete details of the Mailbox in the Exchange Organization. Details...
06-05-2009 993 1
Auto resolve SCOM alerts
When I was implementing SCOM 2007, I couldn't find a setting in SCOM to auto resolve alerts...
06-02-2009 822 0
Configure Windows local Guest account
In Windows 2003, the local guest account has blank password and by default it is named “Guest"...
06-01-2009 484 0
How do you check which version of PowerShell you are using? If the $PSVersionTable variable doesn't...
05-31-2009 2,342 2
Windows Scheduled Tasks inventory
As you may know, there are 2 APIs to manage scheduled tasks in Windows: schtasks (used by normal...
05-28-2009 1,317 10
Read simple ini file into a hashtable
Get-SettingsIni.ps1 reads lines out of a ini file and stores them as key & value pairs in a...
05-20-2009 1,550 0
Create shares with share permissons
Create one or several shares with share permissions in a domain environment.
05-17-2009 2,215 2
Use psexec in Powershell for remotely execute application
For this simple tool you need psexec.exe from Sysinternals. You are now able to execute applications...
05-05-2009 846 0
Remove a Domain User from a Local Group
Remove a domain user from a local group on the local or a remote computer
04-29-2009 821 0
Add a Domain User to a Local Group
Add a domain user to a local group on the local or a remote computer
04-29-2009 1,755 2
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