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Microsoft Learning
by ps2
09-20-2015 56 0
Bryan's Games Galore!
READ!!! This is a collection of arcade games formatted to work in powershell. {FOR PONG} -->...
09-19-2015 62 0
Bryan's Process Help
Need information on performing a process? This script can help you find information on how to perform...
09-18-2015 32 0
vBrownBag Presentation – Scripting and Versioning with PowerShell...
by ps2
While at VMworld 2015 in the US, I delivered a brief presentation that outlines my usage of PowerShell...
09-14-2015 24 0
Video & Presentation Materials: September 2015 PowerShell...
by ps2
The video from that presentation is now available:
09-13-2015 31 0
Video: Start Stop Restart and Delete VMs in Microsoft Azure...
by ps2
I recently recorded this video as a companion to the Azure Documentation page
09-13-2015 16 0
Bryan's Wifi Pinger
Ping networks and websites without all the coding.
09-06-2015 73 0
Bryan's Network Search
A simple network finder that displays simple information about each network.
09-06-2015 56 0
Automating and Testing Storage Spaces Performance with PowerShell...
by ps2
This is the first of a two part series on " Automating and Testing Storage Spaces Performance...
09-03-2015 40 0
Gui multi-vcenter login
Something I tossed together quick for a co-worker looking for an easy way to login to a select set...
09-01-2015 40 0
Get Local users.
08-31-2015 28 0
Screen Timeout duration
08-31-2015 23 1
Quick Start #2: Deploying and Managing Windows Server Containers...
by ps2
In this video, join Andy Atkinson, Program Manager in the Hyper-V team here at Microsoft, as he...
08-28-2015 26 0
My PowerShell Scripts - Systems Administration
by ps2
Automating your routine tasks is one of the key components to performing Systems Administration...
08-17-2015 350 0
Format-Array (Create an array from a line separated list...
I've found myself using this function quite a bit when working with data from spreadsheets and...
08-12-2015 57 0
Adding Conceptual Help to your PowerShell Modules
by ps2
During this video, we will explore the process of adding conceptual "about" topics to...
08-10-2015 42 0
Windows PowerShell Unplugged with Jeffrey Snover
by ps2
Come learn PowerShell the way PowerShell was meant to be learned—exploring Windows from the...
08-03-2015 120 0
PowerShell Automation with Trevor
by ps2
This show will include videos talking about the PowerShell automation platform, Desired State Configuration...
08-01-2015 64 0
Managing Legacy Environments with PowerShell
by ps2
In this Episode Cristal and myself were lucky enough to catch Sean Kearney @Energizedtech live in...
07-31-2015 43 0
SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 PowerShellscript to copy user permissions on all specified sites/subsites...
07-27-2015 82 0
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