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Change prompt on fly
01-10-2015 90 0
12-22-2014 49 0
12-18-2014 56 0
12-15-2014 21 0
mshta using example
11-04-2014 53 0
Simple Script to print all powershell profiles path and...
PS C:\Users\tpm-dev> . $profile ; all-profiles AllUsersAllHosts: False C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell...
08-13-2014 153 0
Function to build WSDL DLL
This is a simple and very generic function for creating a WSDL DLL file. If you have problems with...
04-03-2014 109 0
Dot Sourced PSISE Snippet Editor Form
PowershellISE form to easily select, create and modify PSISE snippet XML files stored in the standard...
07-26-2013 151 0
Latest 10 Tweets
Snippet to display latest 10 tweets from your timeline. Uses sferik's excellent Twitter API...
10-09-2012 183 0
Wait-VMPowerState changes PowerState of VMware VM and waits
When scripting an action on a VMware VM where the VM needs to be shutdown before making changes...
07-24-2012 347 0
Rename Music Files
I have a car from 2007 whose MP3 interface is less than stellar. Since my car sorts by file name...
02-12-2012 298 0
Reset “Hidden files and folders” to normal using PowerShell
Hi, yesterday one of my users laptop get infected with virus. After removal of virus i saw that...
01-25-2012 313 0
7zip and PowerShell
hi, Happy New Year :) This script compress all .bak files {sql backups} in there cureent folder...
01-13-2012 487 0
This simple sample script to show how you can run a given set of telnet commands using powershell...
01-09-2012 420 0
appscanner(acl and applocker scanner)
File Access scanner for ACL and Applocker policy. Scan a particular file/folder for write/execute...
12-17-2011 338 0
Function to Update , Create and Read Registry in Local Machine
#usage # Call the Function by passing the Registry Key , Value Name , Value Data , Type" #...
12-11-2011 388 0
Edit Ini File
Here is the PS script that will add the New Section , Item and Value at the end of the Existing...
12-11-2011 482 0
Do you have a controlled environment where you are aways "Running applications As"? Here's...
08-19-2011 611 2
One-Liner to return the Drivespace on Servers. Includes...
Uses WMI to return the Capacity and Freespace of all drives Create a text file c:\scripts\computers...
02-22-2011 623 2
Get TCP Settings
Get tcp settings and output to a file
02-17-2009 918 0
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