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VirusTotal public API version 2.0 implementation
05-04-2015 348 0
Translate via Yandex.Translation API
04-23-2015 162 1
Codename "steroid"
Modules are designed on the basis of this library, see README before.
01-23-2015 162 0
Gets last write time of a registry key. For example: PS C:\> Import-Module Get-RegistryTimestamp...
12-16-2014 178 0
12-05-2014 167 0
This is experimental module allowing to create modules (utilizing reflection) as quickly as possible...
11-11-2014 176 0
This script-module is analog of strings.exe tool from SysInternals Suite. Pay close attention that...
09-27-2014 187 0
This script-module is analog of clockres.exe tool from SysInternals Suite.
09-27-2014 178 0
Gets a hexadecimal dump block of specified file. The module has been designed in such a way as to...
09-26-2014 308 0
Maintain any text file at a fixed number of lines.
Set-Lines. V (Update) Fix to prevent starting in PowerShell ISE host. This VB.NET cmdlet...
01-17-2014 302 0
Display all online times of USB SIM devices from a specified...
Get-GprsOnline. V (Update: allow -Network * to query all adapters). This VB.NET cmdlet will...
01-02-2014 293 0
Backup recently changed files to any attached USB devices...
Select-Backup. A compiled VB.NET Cmdlet, updating the Backup-ToUSB2 script. This module will backup...
12-30-2013 365 0
Compare full objects (all properties)
I use compare-object alot but want a function that would compare all matching properties
03-26-2013 497 0
Visio related variable definitions
Hi folks, here my list of Visio definitions. I use it with my recently uploaded script "Graphical...
09-25-2012 685 0
convert a julian date format to a regulare date ( yyyyddd...
There is a [date].DayOfYear function which you can use to assemble a julian date format YYYYddd...
08-31-2012 455 0
Set Reminders using PowerShell
Hi, This script are for lazy and weak memory peoples like me or for Powershell Addicts. The Script...
08-28-2012 504 0
Find Web pages stored in ZIP/RAR files.
If there are a large number of, for example, saved Web Pages (mht,htm,html,pdf) stored in compressed...
02-14-2012 440 0
Debug regex operation when matching any string
.SYNOPSIS A very simple function to debug a Regex search operation and show any 'Match'...
01-25-2012 482 0
ToolWindow module for displaying windows in separate threads
ToolWindow is a sample module to open and display one or more windows in separate PowerShell threads...
01-23-2012 826 0
OutputHelper Commands
(Updated version, now also includes the "grep" command that was shown in my presentation...
01-09-2012 953 0
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