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Interview with Jeffrey Snover
by ps2
Check out this video shot a couple of weeks ago at TechEd Europe in Berlin. In a break between the...
12-10-2010 834 0
Where to Start with Windows PowerShell with Jeffrey Snover
by ps2
Jeffey is a Windows Powershell-man. In this talk, Alex and Jeffery discus Powershell and the future...
03-04-2011 775 0
Interview with Don Jones at Windows Connections 2011
by ps2
Kasia Lorenc from TrainSignal recently had the opportunity to sit down with Don Jones at Windows...
06-11-2011 648 0
Intel vPro PowerShell Module 3.1 and Fast Call for Help
by ps2
Join host Michele Gartner as she talk to Chris Piper, Intel vPro engineer, about the newest features...
11-02-2011 375 0
Interview With Jeffrey Snover – Inventor of PowerShell and...
by ps2
Introduction Jeffrey Snover is the Inventor and Architect of Windows PowerShell and currently the...
12-01-2011 534 0
PowerShell V3 Guru Don Jones
by ps2
Rick Claus interviews PowerShell guru Don Jones while at MMS 2012. They chat about Powershell V3...
04-26-2012 265 0
PowerShell for developers
by ps2
Doug Finke (@dfinke) is an O’Reilly author and software developer. He moderates a PowerShell...
09-12-2012 286 0
Meet the Author: Robert Cain on PowerShell and SQL Server
by ps2
In today’s episode in our Meet the Author podcast series, Mike Woodring talks to Robert Cain...
10-14-2012 212 0
TechNet Radio: IT Time – PowerShell Summit and the 2013...
by ps2
Blain Barton welcomes Microsoft MVP and President and CEO of, Don Jones to the show...
01-25-2013 172 0
Edge Show 123 - Desired State Configuration (DSC) with PowerShell...
by ps2
In this episode Symon interviews Kenneth Hansen (Principal Program Manager Lead) and Hemant Mahawar...
10-17-2014 84 0
Windows PowerShell Unplugged with Jeffrey Snover
by ps2
Come learn PowerShell the way PowerShell was meant to be learned—exploring Windows from a...
05-18-2015 125 0
57: Adam Bertram: Powershell Toolmaking – Don’t be a Click...
by ps2
How often have you found yourself doing a long, manual, repetitive administrator task on a Windows...
06-23-2015 75 0
Installing PowerShell
by ps1
A quick video on how to locate and install Windows PowerShell.
09-11-2008 390 0
Introduction to Windows PowerShell Part 1
by ps1
An introduction to the Windows PowerShell with examples to show navigation, creating new files and...
10-27-2008 1,983 0
Introduction to Windows PowerShell Part 2
by ps1
An introduction to the Windows PowerShell with examples to show navigation, creating new files and...
10-27-2008 1,089 0
PowerShell: Basic Commands and Pipelining from ClipTraining...
by ps1
In this short clip we teach you a little more about PowerShell and how cool it is because you can...
10-27-2008 1,121 0
Introduction to PowerShell from ClipTraining's "The...
by ps1
The new command-line tool from Microsoft is incredible. No need to fear it... watch this clip and...
10-27-2008 1,006 0
Remote Management: A Sneak Peek at Windows PowerShell 2...
by ps1
Don Jones demonstrates the new remote management functionality in Windows PowerShell 2.0 CTP2. For...
10-27-2008 963 0
Navigating your system with PowerShell
by ps1
An exploration of the aliases that allow for navigating your system.
10-27-2008 322 0
How to run C# code within PowerShell
by ps1
Taking a simple C# program and compiling it within PowerShell v2.0 using Add-Type and a here string...
10-27-2008 2,034 0
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