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Introduction to Windows PowerShell Part 2
by ps1
An introduction to the Windows PowerShell with examples to show navigation, creating new files and...
10-27-2008 1,070 0
PowerShell: Basic Commands and Pipelining from ClipTraining...
by ps1
In this short clip we teach you a little more about PowerShell and how cool it is because you can...
10-27-2008 1,075 0
Introduction to PowerShell from ClipTraining's "The...
by ps1
The new command-line tool from Microsoft is incredible. No need to fear it... watch this clip and...
10-27-2008 977 0
Remote Management: A Sneak Peek at Windows PowerShell 2...
by ps1
Don Jones demonstrates the new remote management functionality in Windows PowerShell 2.0 CTP2. For...
10-27-2008 942 0
Navigating your system with PowerShell
by ps1
An exploration of the aliases that allow for navigating your system.
10-27-2008 312 0
How to run C# code within PowerShell
by ps1
Taking a simple C# program and compiling it within PowerShell v2.0 using Add-Type and a here string...
10-27-2008 1,951 0
Windows PowerShell: Filtering Functions and Custom Objects
by ps1
Don Jones explains how filtering functions, the pipeline, and custom objects work in Windows PowerShell...
10-27-2008 702 0
MSDN Webcast: Windows PowerShell And Microsoft Management...
by ps1
Tour of PowerShell with Matt Hester, IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation.
10-27-2008 378 0
TechNet Magazine: Apply Formatting To Your Windows PowerShell...
Don Jones demonstrates how the object-oriented nature of Windows PowerShell allows you to apply...
12-18-2008 505 0
TechNet Webcast: Deploy Labs with Virtual Machine Manager...
Learn how to use a Windows PowerShell script and Virtual Machine Manager to automate the deployment...
12-18-2008 494 0
Managing Hyper-V from the command line with Windows PowerShell...
by ps1
12-23-2008 556 0
Parse Nmap XML with PowerShell
How to parse nmap XML output using PowerShell, using a free script from the Securing Windows course...
07-25-2009 1,005 0
Using PowerShell to manage GPOs
07-25-2009 725 0
Modify active directory users with Powershell
07-25-2009 1,045 0
Adding Active Directory Users
07-25-2009 1,226 0
Powershell v2 Zero to Hero with Don Jones 2/2
07-25-2009 674 0
Powershell v2 Zero to Hero with Don Jones 1/2
07-25-2009 1,049 0
Installing Windows Server 2008 Enterprise - PowerShell
07-25-2009 693 0
Using PowerShell Diff
07-25-2009 722 0
Using PowerShell to Transfer Data
Tutorial video demonstration how to transfer data to SQL Server 2008 using PowerShell.
07-27-2009 370 0
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