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Advanced configuration of XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 using...
by ps2
XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 include an extremely rich PowerShell SDK that enables ease of management...
05-24-2015 3 0
Azure PowerShell 101 - Managing Virtual Machines with Guang...
by ps2
Scott continues his PowerShell series with Guang Yang. In this episode we learn how to create and...
05-23-2015 9 0
How to configure system restore settings in Windows using...
by ps2
System Restore is a feature of Windows that allows you to take Windows back to an earlier date time...
05-22-2015 10 0
Using PowerShell With Microsoft Azure 1
by ps2
In the first of our Azure PowerShell series we look at connecting a PowerShell session to your Azure...
05-21-2015 6 0
How to connect to Office 365 using PowerShell
by ps2
There’s no shortage of articles, blog posts, and other resources out there that provide information...
05-21-2015 13 0
What’s New? – PowerShell 4
by ps2
Right from Turkey, Principal PFE Mehmet Aras will guide us through the new functionalities of Powershell...
05-20-2015 18 0
StoreFront PowerShell documentation deep dive
by ps2
05-20-2015 21 0
Windows PowerShell Unplugged with Jeffrey Snover
by ps2
Come learn PowerShell the way PowerShell was meant to be learned—exploring Windows from a...
05-18-2015 41 0
Play by Play PowerShell from Idea to Action with Don Jones...
by ps2
Play by Play PowerShell from Idea to Action with Don Jones and Jeff Hicks
05-18-2015 20 0
Simplifying SQL Server Migrations using PowerShell
by ps2
If you’re planning for a SQL Server migration, I wrote a bunch of scripts that can help, and...
05-16-2015 18 0
What's New in Windows Server Hyper-V
by ps2
There are lots of new features and possibilities with Hyper-V in Windows 10 and the Windows Server...
05-16-2015 15 0
Writing Windows PowerShell DSC Resources and Configurations
by ps2
PowerShell DSC Resources are the key to lighting up Desired State Configuration. This session showcases...
05-13-2015 18 0
PowerShell basics for managing Office 365 and the space...
by ps2
On this week's show Jeremy Chapman is joined by scripting guy, Greg Stemp, to introduce PowerShell...
05-09-2015 24 0
by ps2
TechEd 2013: Windows PowerShell Unplugged
04-28-2015 54 0
TechEdge Orlando 2015 Presenter Interview - Kimberly Ferrie
by ps2
Description XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 include an extremely rich PowerShell SDK that enables ease...
04-21-2015 15 0
How to Clear all Event Logs in Event Viewer using Windows...
by ps2
Published on Mar 26, 2015
04-16-2015 44 0
Writing Quality Reusable PowerShell
by ps2
Welcome to the DevOps Library, this is Samantha with Episode 10. Today we’re going to talk...
04-14-2015 66 0
How to back up Windows product key in Windows 8 (PowerShell...
by ps2
Sometimes, you might want to reinstall Windows 8 operating system. But you don’t know the...
03-20-2015 141 0
Powershell Summit 2014 - Just Enough Admin - Security In...
by ps2
Description: When asked what to do about corporate hacking, Ex NSA Director Michael Hayden replied...
03-07-2015 59 0
Getting Started with PowerShell 3.0: 09 Introducing scripting...
by ps2
Introducing scripting and toolmaking
03-04-2015 175 0
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