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This Script changes the Theme on a SharePoint Site. It includes a help function that shows how to...
03-08-2009 282 0
Uses Get-ChildItem recursively to find zero sized files. Warning: This can take some time depending...
03-07-2009 398 0
Get process owner using WMI. Attributed To: Shaun Cassells URL:
03-07-2009 484 0
WMI Query example to get memory device information. Attributed To: Shaun Cassells URL: http://myitforum...
03-07-2009 451 0
Get all media player items such as playlists and songs
by ps2
Demonstrates how to connect to media player and retrieve a list of all playable items such as song...
03-07-2009 430 0
GET DHCP Scope informations - VERSION1
This script permits to get informations (or export) DHCP Scope informations from remote DHCP server...
03-06-2009 1,339 0
The following script iterates over each file in the directory, parses the file and looks for the...
03-04-2009 465 0
Content Filtering System Whitelist GUI for Exchange 2007. Attribute To: Glen Scales URL: h ttp:...
03-04-2009 411 0
This script updates the Exchange 2007 .config files. Attributed To: Paul Flaherty URL: http://blogs...
03-04-2009 369 0
Setting up users for Blackberry Enterprise Server environment with Exchange 2007. The script gives...
03-01-2009 500 0
Setting Exchange mailbox size limits on a group Attributed To: Paul Flaherty URL: http://blogs.flaphead...
03-01-2009 450 0
Version 5 of the Mailbox Size Gui Script for Exchange 2007. Attributed To: Glen Scales URL: http...
02-27-2009 735 0
Create a csv file from Get-MailboxStatistics, but with the TotalItemSize in MB. Attributed To: Paul...
02-27-2009 1,285 0
Uses Get-Mailbox and the does a fudge to get the date only part from the when created attribute...
02-27-2009 455 0
This script will check all Exchange 2007 servers and enumerate the Exchange Patch information and...
02-27-2009 833 0
This script enumerates all messaging queue and displays it in a GUI. The GUI refreshes every 10...
02-27-2009 1,125 0
Runs get-queue for all you Exchange 2007 Hub Transport Servers. Attributed To: Paul Flaherty URL...
02-27-2009 514 0
Query an Exchange 2003 server for it's SMTP queues and message count. Attributed To: Paul Flaherty...
02-27-2009 582 1
List of yours mailbox and the size. Attributed To: Kenneth Dalbjerg URL: http://kennethdalbjerg...
02-27-2009 675 0
Find free space in Exchange 2003 databases. Attributed To: Jonathan Medd URL: http://jonathanmedd...
02-27-2009 614 0
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