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09-30-2014 3 0
09-30-2014 6 0
This script just locks "Close" button of host reducing likelihood of accidental closing...
09-30-2014 2 0
Find GAC path programatically
According to MSDN library there is difference between GAC path of .NET Framework < 4.0 and >...
09-29-2014 5 0
There is clip utility to copy data to the clipboard. But what about paste? This functions fixed...
09-29-2014 7 0
09-29-2014 9 0
09-28-2014 12 0
Compilation of ways for getting system uptime. I didn't use Get-[Wmi|Cim]Object cmdlets prefering...
09-27-2014 17 0
This script is analog of UNIX cal utility.
09-27-2014 9 0
This script is analog of PipeList.exe tool from SysInternals Suite with one small difference. It...
09-26-2014 10 0
Remote Task Manager tool updated with smoothed refresh
Well, it's been about a year since the original version of this was posted, and I'm happy...
09-17-2014 105 0
Local or Remote Diag
Admittedly I only wrote about 1/3 of this script the rest was obtained from TechNet, Powershell...
08-29-2014 211 0
Copy excel documents containing keyword or words
This is a function i put together for a poster at /r/powershell. It searches a filepath for any...
08-26-2014 105 0
how to give usb exception to a machine using powershell...
08-03-2014 47 1
Get service account list from multiple remote servers
Hello, This script will help to get the service account list which are configured with Non standard...
08-01-2014 73 0
Windows System Inventory_MS_Office All Versions
I wrote this script as an updated version of my previous script to collect windows system information...
08-01-2014 98 0
Enable / Disable EmailAddressPoly
We had a (big) problem, that central modifications of AD User Properties had changed all eMailAdresses...
05-16-2014 95 0
Get virtual machine setting
Read main virtaul machine settings from VCenter Server. The Text output can easily be copied into...
05-15-2014 147 0
Rename Active Directory Group(s)
Script to rename a single or multiple AD group(s). Multiple groups from an Inputfile in the form...
05-15-2014 136 0
Get Exchange Receive Connectors
the script is creating a HTML file with information about Exchange Receive Connectors and IP addresses...
05-15-2014 66 0
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