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Availability server montly percentage uptime
<# .SYNOPSIS Simple script to provide server availability uptime statistics .DESCRIPTION This...
06-17-2015 45 0
I often needed to save some files or folder to an ISO file and that usually requires a tool to be...
05-23-2015 213 1
VirusTotal public key from SysInternals sigcheck.exe
Clicking "Download" you are agree what you will not use this script in your dirty purposes...
04-26-2015 147 0
Which script has the string ?- server, location, script...
Scripts where we used the specified key word \\servername?\D$rivename?\scriptname.ps1 ?& line__number...
04-21-2015 39 0
Add windows system variable
Add windows system variable. The script checks if the ke/value exist it won´t do anyting,...
03-30-2015 106 0
Archive files with x days old
The script searches for files with xdays old. Then copy it to $Destination folder delete the files...
03-30-2015 105 0
Run CMD\BAT as PS1
This demo shows how to launch PowerShell scripts within CMD files. Because CMD file name can be...
03-21-2015 153 0
Create organization tree
Create your Active Directory based organization tree Script exports tree to .csv file(recommended...
03-12-2015 107 0
Rename Double Driver oem files
I use Double Driver a lot in conjunction with MDT. Computers are bought in with Windows 7 Home Premium...
03-04-2015 65 0
02-27-2015 177 0
Get Serial Numbers for Laptops
Get Serial Numbers For All Laptops in Selected OU, with multitasking, and export to csv
02-18-2015 169 0
Upload String
02-12-2015 54 1
Get-Streams is the part of the "steroid" module and it works similarly to SysInternals...
02-12-2015 58 0
Connect to Office 365 with powershell
This is a script to connect of the Microsoft Office 365 Powershell. Needs the azure powershell module...
02-09-2015 133 0
Shows data of UserAssist registry key in human readable format.
02-06-2015 164 0
Converts ROT13 strings to regular strings and vice versa ( original )
02-05-2015 55 0
Read and Export Folder ACL using Powershell With Advance...
I have a small old file server with 2 TB of users data and I dont which users have which permission...
02-04-2015 211 0
Report all VMWare snapshots with creator name + send by...
One of reporting scripts I've created to not need to remember about checking it periodically...
01-29-2015 109 0
Add new node to XML
Function allows you to insert new node in XML with optional value. Usage: Add-XMLnode file_path...
01-27-2015 59 0
Test script
static function main(){ printf('hello'); $var = $var + 1; return; }
01-12-2015 73 0
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