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Create Modify Remove Share
This is a simple script to creare, modify and remove share in multiple server, with server list
10-26-2015 82 2
Create an empty WebSite and her application Pool
Hi, this is a simple PS Scrit to create an website and her application poll. is possible create...
10-23-2015 48 2
Remote Admin Tool Version 3.0
This is a simple Powershell script to provide a set of 15 tools to make our life easy. .DESCRIPTION...
10-13-2015 235 0
Clone NTFS ACL Version 1.0
This allows you to copy all NTFS permissions from a folder structure and apply the same to another...
10-07-2015 73 0
Bryan's Games Galore!
READ!!! This is a collection of arcade games formatted to work in powershell. {FOR PONG} -->...
09-19-2015 162 0
Bryan's Process Help
Need information on performing a process? This script can help you find information on how to perform...
09-18-2015 65 0
Bryan's Wifi Pinger
Ping networks and websites without all the coding.
09-06-2015 128 0
Bryan's Network Search
A simple network finder that displays simple information about each network.
09-06-2015 110 0
Gui multi-vcenter login
Something I tossed together quick for a co-worker looking for an easy way to login to a select set...
09-01-2015 67 0
Get Local users.
08-31-2015 59 0
Format-Array (Create an array from a line separated list...
I've found myself using this function quite a bit when working with data from spreadsheets and...
08-12-2015 85 0
SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 PowerShellscript to copy user permissions on all specified sites/subsites...
07-27-2015 106 0
Scripting Logins using a SQL Server Authentication - LoginExport...
Attached is a powershell script I recently wrote that extracts all the SQL Server Login accounts...
07-23-2015 123 0
server hardening (audit system folders and files, registry...
The script sets up audit for system files and folders without changing ownership and permissions...
07-22-2015 91 0
Availability server montly percentage uptime
<# .SYNOPSIS Simple script to provide server availability uptime statistics .DESCRIPTION This...
06-17-2015 142 0
I often needed to save some files or folder to an ISO file and that usually requires a tool to be...
05-23-2015 435 1
VirusTotal public key from SysInternals sigcheck.exe
Clicking "Download" you are agree what you will not use this script in your dirty purposes...
04-26-2015 207 0
Content Search Tool 1.0
Scripts where we used the specified key word \\servername?\D$rivename?\scriptname.ps1 ?& line__number...
04-21-2015 93 0
Add windows system variable
Add windows system variable. The script checks if the ke/value exist it won´t do anyting,...
03-30-2015 152 0
Archive files with x days old
The script searches for files with xdays old. Then copy it to $Destination folder delete the files...
03-30-2015 188 0
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