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VirusTotal public key from SysInternals sigcheck.exe
Clicking "Download" you are agree what you will not use this script in your dirty purposes...
04-26-2015 6 0
Translate via Yandex.Translation API
04-23-2015 12 1
TechEdge Orlando 2015 Presenter Interview - Kimberly Ferrie
by ps2
Description XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 include an extremely rich PowerShell SDK that enables ease...
04-21-2015 5 0
Which script has the string ?- server, location, script...
Scripts where we used the specified key word \\servername?\D$rivename?\scriptname.ps1 ?& line__number...
04-21-2015 9 0
How to Clear all Event Logs in Event Viewer using Windows...
by ps2
Published on Mar 26, 2015
04-16-2015 19 0
Writing Quality Reusable PowerShell
by ps2
Welcome to the DevOps Library, this is Samantha with Episode 10. Today we’re going to talk...
04-14-2015 32 0
Add windows system variable
Add windows system variable. The script checks if the ke/value exist it won´t do anyting,...
03-30-2015 77 0
Archive files with x days old
The script searches for files with xdays old. Then copy it to $Destination folder delete the files...
03-30-2015 53 0
Run CMD\BAT as PS1
This demo shows how to launch PowerShell scripts within CMD files. Because CMD file name can be...
03-21-2015 110 0
How to back up Windows product key in Windows 8 (PowerShell...
by ps2
Sometimes, you might want to reinstall Windows 8 operating system. But you don’t know the...
03-20-2015 104 0
Create organization tree
Create your Active Directory based organization tree Script exports tree to .csv file(recommended...
03-12-2015 76 0
Powershell Summit 2014 - Just Enough Admin - Security In...
by ps2
Description: When asked what to do about corporate hacking, Ex NSA Director Michael Hayden replied...
03-07-2015 44 0
Getting Started with PowerShell 3.0: 09 Introducing scripting...
by ps2
Introducing scripting and toolmaking
03-04-2015 135 0
Introduction of Powershell in SCCM 2012 R2
by ps2
Introduction of Powershell 4.0 cmdlets in SCCM 2012 R2
03-04-2015 56 0
Rename Double Driver oem files
I use Double Driver a lot in conjunction with MDT. Computers are bought in with Windows 7 Home Premium...
03-04-2015 44 0
02-27-2015 123 0
Example demonstraites parsing of .LNK file See shell link specification before
02-25-2015 34 0
Thomas Lee: An introduction to WMI And PowerShell
by ps2
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) on Windows is a fantastic resource to the IT pro and consultant...
02-25-2015 80 0
Video from the February 2015 MSPSUG Meeting: Managing Software...
by ps2
Last Tuesday, Adam Bertram presented a session on Managing Software With PowerShell for the February...
02-22-2015 37 0
Search Script for Commands from a specific Module
Useful if you need to identify commands in a script that call on a specific module. The function...
02-18-2015 53 1
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