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Control and Load IIS Module
Hi all, Recent days i had a problem to find if IIS module is load in a specific website. The problem...
05-05-2016 96 0
Ten Reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016: PowerShell...
by ps2
In his “Ten Reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016” video series, technical evangelist...
04-13-2016 73 0
Get-ExplicitPermissions for NTFS volume recursively
This script will: 1. prompt the user for the folder to do a recursive search through 2. obtain a...
04-06-2016 187 0
This is a handy function to add to your profile that will allow you to search a folder and it's...
03-09-2016 234 0
Restore user group membership from csv file
02-09-2016 192 0
Backup user group membership to csv per user
Backup user group membership to a csv file on a per user base.
02-03-2016 157 0
Get user nested group membership
How to get a user's nested group membership.
02-02-2016 141 0
SyncRoot Demo 2
This is a demo script using a parent script and single thread both modifying the same shared object...
01-31-2016 58 0
SyncRoot demo
Sample code to demonstrate syncroot (locking a shared hash table for exclusive use). Uses thread...
01-31-2016 61 0
Delete AD User, Profile & Profile Folder & Disable...
To help our Service Desk to be able to consistently and quickly remove access for users who have...
01-21-2016 151 0
Test-Connection with TimeOut and Choose properties for output...
I noticed on Twitter the other day, there was a link to the daily tip for this site showing Test...
01-18-2016 132 1
Local Administrator Group Control
We recently had a requirement to be able to implement controls upon the local administrators group...
01-11-2016 142 0
Offline Service VHD / VHDX files
This is a combination of several scripts that will easily allow you to offline service a VHD or...
01-07-2016 75 0
Get devices a user is logged onto
An issue which I run into whenever it comes to a mandatory password change is that I leave myself...
01-04-2016 315 1
Get service account list from multiple remote servers
This is a simple script that queries all Windows Servers (this can be changed to all devices) and...
12-18-2015 221 0
Office 365 admin updates - from portal enhancements to PowerShell
by ps2
On today's show, Jeremy Chapman is joined by Lawrence Chiu to take a tour and review Office...
11-08-2015 142 0
Create Modify Remove Share
This is a simple script to creare, modify and remove share in multiple server, with server list
10-26-2015 265 2
Create an empty WebSite and her application Pool
Hi, this is a simple PS Scrit to create an website and her application poll. is possible create...
10-23-2015 218 2
Interview with PowerShell Expert Jaap Brasser
by ps2
Interview with PowerShell Expert Jaap Brasser
10-18-2015 132 0
An Interview with PowerShell Expert Gayathri Narayanan
by ps2
We concluded the first exclusive PowerShell conference in Asia a couple of weeks ago. It was very...
10-17-2015 130 0
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