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  • Make files available offline with PowerShell

    Hello, When I'm redirecting profile folder to network location in Windows 7 it's automatically made offline available. But when I do the same thing through registry the folder is only redirected, but not made available offline. I tried to use Win32_OfflineFilesCache WMI class in my script and...
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by kcpr on 11-11-2010
    Filed under: wmi, offline
  • How to delete computer from SCCM collection with PowerShell?

    Hello, Recently I started developing scripts for SCCM administration. Today I wrote a script that adds computer to collection and this was fairly easy. The problem is with deleting computer from collection. I've found this site:
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by kcpr on 01-12-2011
    Filed under: powershell, wmi, sccm
  • Re: How to delete computer from SCCM collection with PowerShell?

    Hi, Did you use exactly the same version of script that I posted? Because as I wrote earlier - CollectionRules property was also empty in my case, but the script worked either way. Maybe try also the script from I remember that I had strange problems with -computername property when...
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by kcpr on 02-01-2011
    Filed under: powershell, wmi, sccm
  • Folder and Disk Space utilization report

    I have a portion of a script that creates an excel spreadsheet and populates the drives for remote servers, their size as well as used and percentage. (Found it here I believe) What I need to add to this spreadsheet are all of the directories that are listed under the drives by using the get-content...
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by squeekie on 04-20-2011
    Filed under: powershell, wmi, get-wmiobject Win32_Product MSI Windows Installer, windows, powershell remoting, output, loop, file
  • logical disks

    If I run ps script like the following, would I get consistent reliable info about my logical disks? I got percentdisktime, but other values are zero or strange long digits. $computer = "hostname" $namespace = "root\CIMV2" Get-WmiObject -class Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfDisk_LogicalDisk...
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by Repriser on 04-22-2011
    Filed under: wmi, logical disk
  • Re: logical disks

    Thanks. That is on target. It will be nice there is an official documentation that explains what it returns. Some counters are cumulative data, some are absolute measures. I am using admin privilege and with real disks. Since powershell left the guessing game to us, I am switching back to perfmon output...
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by Repriser on 05-03-2011
    Filed under: wmi
  • WMI error on w2k8, despite PacketPrivacy

    Hello ! I've made a script that checks MSClusters' status remotely, using WMI. I have upgraded to POSH v2 to include 'Autentication PacketPrivacy', and it all works perfectly. My query does return the expected results, however my queries keep creating an error msg on the remote servers...
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by SteinIP on 05-06-2011
    Filed under: powershell, powershell Windows-programming, wmi, windows, powershell remoting, Operating Systems
  • Changing Serial ports from COMX to COMY using WMI

    Scenario: I have a thermal printer connected to a serial port currently assigned the number of COM1, I need to change this port number to say COM55. Now this has to be done silently (ie in code or script), if i had the luxury of just going through device manager i would but that isn't possible as...
    Posted to PowerShell and WMI (Forum) by kobos on 07-01-2011
    Filed under: win32_serialport, WMI
  • Getting MS Cluster Information

    Hello I am using PS to get server information and information about SQL Server (versions 2000 to 2008 environment). I know that I can use SQl Server t-sql to get the cluster information but need to pull it from the WMI. I can get to some information but what I am specifically looking to get is is the...
    Posted to PowerShell and WMI (Forum) by katuil on 07-11-2011
    Filed under: WMI
  • Opening a process in remote computer interactively

    Hi all, I want to open Internet Explorer in a remote computer with specified credentials. To install small web applications which requires to be IE to be opened in administrator credentials, i need your help to do that. Pls suggest the ways to do that, using powershell or or or
    Posted to PowerShell and WMI (Forum) by on 08-21-2011
    Filed under: win32_serialport, WMI
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