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  • Uploaded scripts using '<#' tags

    I have noticed that scripts containing the tags '<#' and '#>' to enclose .SYNOPSIS headers, etc, fail to show the correct highlighting if a single ' is enclosed, for example" ...this file uses today's date ..." will suspend any further highlighting after "'s...
    Posted to Ask Don Jones (Forum) by Archdeacon on 12-26-2011
    Filed under: scripts, uplaods
  • new-pssession - PS Remoting scripts as scheduled tasks.

    I have a product installed in my environment called 'Citrix Xenapp Connector for SCCM 2007'. The installation creates a few scheduled tasks which run powershell scripts and use the new-pssession cmdlet. The tasks run under a domain account that has local admin rights on the server SCCM Site server...
    Posted to Ask Don Jones (Forum) by garethb on 01-12-2012
    Filed under: scripts, scheduled task, PS Remoting, Server 2008 R2, new-pssession
  • how to establish and enter an implicit remote session using runspace in powershell

    Hi, I am trying to establish an implicit session with a remote host from my machine from a C# code. I am using runspace API for that. the code snippet is provided below Runspace runspace = RunspaceFactory.CreateRunspace(); runspace.Open(); //constructing the vmname parameter here vmname = useralias ...
    Posted to Ask Don Jones (Forum) by manishjha on 01-18-2012
    Filed under: Test-Connection, Args, Parameter, scripts, PS Remoting, new-pssession, WMI, Remote PowerShell
  • Re: how to establish and enter an implicit remote session using runspace in powershell

    Hi Don, Thanks a lot for the prompt response! Yes, I stand corrected on this usage of 'implicit' remoting. Thanks for pointing that out. $s is treated as a PSSession object in the script as 'enter-PSSession' expects this object and not the string as the parameter. As for your last scenario...
    Posted to Ask Don Jones (Forum) by manishjha on 01-18-2012
    Filed under: Parameter, scripts, Passing arguments from batch file to powershell, PS Remoting, new-pssession, WMI, Remote PowerShell
  • Having trouble changing displayname of DL

    Hi, we have multiple DLs that we want to change the displayname to. for instanace our current display name says "yahoo users" and we want to create a simple shell to change/replace displayname "yahoo users" to "yahoo all mail users" I tried acheiving this through running...
    Posted to Ask Don Jones (Forum) by ridvon on 01-30-2012
    Filed under: powershell herestring, Parameter, scripts
  • Problem using Remove-Item cmdlet in script

    If I type the unc path to the file I want to delete at the powershell console the file is deleted. If I try and pass the Remove-Item cmdlet a variable that contains the unc path it gives me the following error. Cannot find path '"\\server01\share$\DesktopProfile\user\Desktop\Music\delete song...
    Posted to Ask Don Jones (Forum) by koonz97 on 02-29-2012
    Filed under: scripts
  • run external command from powershell

    Hi is it possible to run an external command like telnet repeatedly from powershell? I need to telnet several servers and login automatically. i need to run something like this: $list = get-content c:\serverlist.txt foreach ($_ in $list) { start-process telnet -a $_ (this doesnt log me in with current...
    Posted to Ask Don Jones (Forum) by Troy on 03-14-2012
    Filed under: scripts, Powershell
  • Powershell script - report on AD accounts

    Howdy, I am trying a new script that is hopefully easier than the last I tried. I have a server that performs actions to create, modify, and disable user accounts. I have a command that retrieves the list of users I need to report on and now I am not sure how to get to the next steps of creating this...
    Posted to Ask Don Jones (Forum) by JakeS on 03-30-2012
    Filed under: Parameter, scripts, Active Directory, Recurse, Powershell
  • Re: Remote PowerShell - profile to roam when connecting to multiple systems?

    Don, Thanks yet again for the great answer, it seems like alot of people had workarounds where they were doing something to get a specific profile on a remote system. Now I know the real answer :) Is it possible to at least get a different console color, font, or so forth to make it easy to identify...
    Posted to Ask Don Jones (Forum) by JakeS on 04-09-2012
    Filed under: scripts, PS Remoting, new-pssession, Remote PowerShell, Powershell
  • Windows Feature - Add "As" versus "Add"?

    Does anyone know what the difference between these 2 commands are in terms of what they do considering both add windows features? The "AS" is what I can't find online details on. Add-WindowsFeature as-net-framework The standard seems to be: Add-WindowsFeature Net-Framework
    Posted to Ask Don Jones (Forum) by JakeS on 04-12-2012
    Filed under: Args, Parameter, scripts, Server 2008 R2, Powershell
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