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  • Performance Difference between InvokeCommand and ImportSession

    I have a C# application that issues commands and scripts (1 or 2 liners) to an Exchange 2010 through remote powershell (Configuration "Microsoft.Exchange"). I found two ways to do this - create a remote session and then (a) using InvokeCommand on that session with my scriptblock or (b) ImportSession...
    Posted to PowerShell for Exchange (Forum) by kumar on 11-10-2010
    Filed under: performance, InvokeCommand, remoting, ImportPSSession
  • .net remote powershell with Exchange 2010 Cmdlets - Problem with "Script block literals are not allowed in restricted language mode or a Data section"

    Hi All, I am trying to run cmdlets from VB.NET. I managed to create a session to a remote session and to run either basic powershell commands or Exchange 2010 cmdlets. However I have a problem when trying to run more complex scripts, like "Get-Mailbox | Where-Object {$_.database -match "database"...
    Posted to PowerShell for Exchange (Forum) by OlivierR on 12-03-2010
    Filed under: remoting, Exchange, script block, remote, powershell, exchange 2010, .net
  • import wlan profile to multiple pcs

    Hi, I'm trying to import a wlan profile to multiple computers and Im getting the error "the system can not find the file specified" my script is as follows: invoke-command -computer $computerlist -scriptblock{ netsh wlan add profile filename=\\server\share\xxxx.xml } -credential $credentials...
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by reyesjos on 03-03-2011
    Filed under: remoting, wlan
  • sart process on a remote host ?

    were I am doing wrong $ErrorActionPreference="SilentlyContinue" $computername = Gc "C:\computers.txt" $Process = "\\$computername\f\vmware\start.bat" Trap { Write-Warning "There was an error connecting to the remote computer or creating the process" Continue }...
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by eizhak9 on 05-10-2011
    Filed under: powershell, remoting, Powershell scripting Merge VHD, powershell remoting
  • Re: remotely administer my lync 2010 server

    You can use PowerShell remoting and so called implicit remoting, and import the remote session into your local session and run remote commands like they are local ones. Almost. ;) You can find detailed explanation at -aleksandar
    Posted to PowerShell for Microsoft Lync Server (Forum) by Aleksandar on 06-10-2011
    Filed under: remoting, lync, implicit remoting
  • Environment on remote server not known/set when doing remoting.

    Hi, I am new to PS have taken over an existing pool of PS scripts. The 'hub' is a Scheduler that executes jobs on the local server (Server 2008). Now we need to spread out the execution of the jobs on serveral servers. Romoting should be the answer :-) My big problem is that when I, from the...
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by mrode on 09-26-2011
    Filed under: windows, remoting, file system, registry
  • Running executable within pssession

    Goal: Run bpclimagelist.exe on several servers (Veritas NetBackup list report), redirect the output to a centralized server or email, whichever is fine for now. $serverlist = Get-Content C:\CopiedTo\MyScripts\servers.txt foreach ($server in $serverlist) { $remotesession = New-PSSession -ComputerName...
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by squeekie on 12-20-2011
    Filed under: powershell, remoting, powershell pssession, enter-pssession, pssession, Windows Server 2003, remote server, server, Netbackup
  • Install .net framework 4 on remote servers

    Hello, I am trying to get .net 4 framework installed on remote servers. I have the script pasted below and I keep running into 2 issues. 1. The file will not copy, the file share permissions are fine as I used a separate script that just copies the installer to the remote servers, but in this script...
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by JakeS on 01-25-2012
    Filed under: powershell, remoting, copy-item, powershell remoting, file system, powershell pssession, powerrshell, pssession, remote server, PS-Remote, remote powershell, windowss 2008 r2
  • Re: Install Dotnet Framework 4 using powershell.

    Thanks, remoting is enabled and I will verify credssp is enabled as I am not positive about that. Why would credssp be required for this script if the client computer and destination server are in the same domain and the account used to login and also to run the remote powershell session are both domain...
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by JakeS on 01-25-2012
    Filed under: permission, powershell, windows, remoting, copy-item, powershell remoting, Installing, power, file system, powershell pssession, powerrshell, redirecting console output and powershell monitoring, enter-pssession, pssession, remote server, powerershll, batch multiple command lines powershell windows, PS-Remote, command prompt, command, remote powershell, windowss 2008 r2
  • Recycling an IIS AppPool in powershell...

    I have put together a script that pulls a list of servers in the array and then tests outlook and owa connectivity to each. I also added a menu that allows a restart of selected services on all servers that show an error in connectivity. What im wanting to do is be able to recycle or restart an IIS AppPool...
    Posted to PowerShell for Exchange (Forum) by jwhite on 02-13-2012
    Filed under: InvokeCommand, remoting, ImportPSSession, Exchange, script block, powershell, exchange 2010, array
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