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  • XML, Powershell and Arrays

    Hello I have an Infopath Doc that is stored as XML on our SP farm, I am trying to access certain information in the infopath form to assign as a variable for use in creating folder structures and websites. That is not too hard when dealing with clearly named elements in the xml doc, however on large...
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by Robert Burke on 02-20-2011
    Filed under: powershell, powershell Windows-programming, Variable, windows, powershell remoting, XML, array
  • Re: XML, Powershell and Arrays

    Hi Tobias, Thank you for the quick response, and I am sorry for not giving enough information. Here is the complete XML doc, you will notice there are 2 sections called Proxy Layer, each layer is associated with a different URL. I am new to PS and I have never dealt with XML but this is alot of fun Thank...
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by Robert Burke on 02-21-2011
    Filed under: Variable, windows, XML, array
  • XML configuration file for scripts

    Hi, inspired by recent blog entries I was trying to create an XML configuration file for a powershell script. Goal: store the last date&time the script was successfully run and other run-time related information. solution idea: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <config>...
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by mwood on 02-22-2011
    Filed under: powershell, powershell Windows-programming, XML
  • Adding child nodes to xml

    Hello everyone I am exploring xml and am trying to write nested XML elements like this <r> <c1> <c2></c2> </c1> </r> In other words, I was trying to write a root element with a child and sub child element. First I tried this: [xml]$a = '<r></r>'...
    Posted to Learn PowerShell (Forum) by s2074135 on 04-29-2011
    Filed under: xml
  • IIS 7.5 Advanced Logging

    Hi I am trying to add a field to the selectedFields node in the applicationhost.config file using the following $hashProperties = @{id="Client-IP"; sourceName="Client-IP"; sourceType="requestHeader"; category="Default"; logHeaderName="cs(Client-IP)";...
    Posted to PowerShell for Windows (Forum) by Robert Burke on 09-21-2011
    Filed under: XML, advancedlogging, iis
  • parsing XML file...

    So this is my XML report from NMAP: <? xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> < nmaprun scanner =" nmap " args =" nmap -F --script=smb-os-discovery --script=nbstat -oX c:\\NMAP\\Temp2\\result3.xml " start =" 1327070530 " startstr ="...
    Posted to Learn PowerShell (Forum) by iasen.ognianov on 01-20-2012
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  • XML manipulation

    I’m trying to create a script that will read in an XML file, split one of the nodes to create two new ones and to export the result to a CSV file for use elsewhere. I have managed the import and the split but when I try to export the CSV, the text from the new nodes.e. firstname and lastname is...
    Posted to Ask Don and Jeff (Forum) by Ali on 07-17-2012
    Filed under: CSV, XML
  • xml parse from multiple columns

    Hi, I did not find a way how to get data from multiple column in one xml file. $x.XMLOUT.Check[0].Detail.UpdateData | where {$_.IsInstalled.startsWith("false")} | foreach {"Title =" + $_.Title + "URL= " + $_.References.DownloadURL } its wrks, but I need somehow convince...
    Posted to Ask Don and Jeff (Forum) by Martin Davidov on 08-02-2012
    Filed under: BitsTransfer, columns, powershell multi variables arrary, XML, SCCM
  • How To Stop Windows Services Using Result From XML File

    Hi, I'm trying to parse xml files in a directory with the following script. For example, in the xml i have data that looks like the following called service.xml displayName="blahblahblah" get-childitem -Path c:\service.xml | foreach { [xml]$xml=get-content $_; if ($xml.config.service.displayname...
    Posted to PowerShell General (Forum) by ds1982 on 09-05-2012
    Filed under: XML, Windows Services, Stop/Start
  • problem showing data in an xml file

    XML format: <transcript> <messages> <message> <to></to> <from></from> <body></body> <date></date> </message> </messages> </transcript> $chat = [xml] (get-content "xmlfile.xml") Foreach ($msg in $chat) {write...
    Posted to PowerShell General (Forum) by on 06-20-2012
    Filed under: XML
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