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jtimoney posted on 04-25-2012 4:24 AM

Hi Don,

Just would like to say a big thanks for the book. I'm trying to run a silent install of the .Net4 full profile over the network. Can I do this from creating a new pssession with another computer and then running it from my station?


This is what I have to run it siliently;

$arglist = "/q /norestart /log \\\folder\Installs\Workshare\Workshare Protect 7\GPO"

$filepath = "\\\folder\Installs\Workshare\Workshare Protect 7\GPO\Net4.exe"

Start-Process -FilePath $filepath -ArgumentList $arglist -Wait -PassThru


Could you point me in the right direction with regard to pssession, Is it possible?


Many thanks

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Use New-PSSession to start the session, and then Invoke-Command to send your Start-Process across that session. 

The problem you're going to run into is having the remote computer access that UNC. That creates a second "hop" and your credential won't delegate - the command will fail. Enabling that second hop is a bit complicated; look into the Enable-WSManCredSSP cmdlet. Or, just copy that exe to the target machine to start with, so that it's local.

$session = new-pssession -computer TARGET
invoke-command -session $session -scriptblock {Start-Process -FilePath $filepath -ArgumentList $arglist -Wait -PassThru}

Keeping in mind $filepath needs to point to a local path. This does require PowerShell ON the remote computer, and requires that remoting be enabled and configured properly. See my Remoting guide at

Or you could, you know, deploy this via GPO. That's a much better solution. Or let the computer pull it down via Windows Update. Also much better. 

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Cheers Don.

I've now installed with GPO. I'll keep working on a solution though. It would be useful tool for our company and good for PS practice.


Many Thanks


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