Learning Powershell: Where do you start?

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SkinnyT posted on 03-01-2012 2:36 PM

Hello Everyone,

I'm new to Powershell and very curious and anxious to get started but I'm not sure where to begin.  I currently work two jobs at the moment providing VDI engineering/support. 

In one job I am working as an Engineer supporting XenDesktop users with VMware as a hosting platform where the users have persistent (dedicated) desktops and we also use XenApp.  The other job is a 100% VMware shop where I work as an Administrator with VMware View users that have linked-clone (non-persistent) desktops and we also use ThinApp.

With that said, where do I start?!?!  I came into both positions relatively early in the implementation stages.  Job one will scale to 1700 users (200+ currently) and job 2 will scale to 6700 users (currently 500+).  Since the environments have not scaled to their full potential, I would like to start getting my feet wet with Powershell (and PowerCLI).  I don't want to run before I crawl either. 



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I'll suggest two books: http://manning.com/jones and and http://www.sapien.com/books/Managing-VMWare

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Ordered your Learn powershell in month yesterday while I was having lunch ironically.  Also ordered Powershell Bible 2.0 and was looking at the powershell vmware one as well but held back because we just went from 4.1 to 5 for our vmware environments.  Thanks for the input!

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Thanks for ordering the PowerShell Bible. A small point, and one I know Don might agree with - The PowerShell Bible was not designed solely to help you to learn PowerShell. The first two chapters present V1 and V2 in a very minimal number of pages. To me, the meat of the PowerShell Bible is for someone who knows the basics of PowerShell itself, but now want to learn how to apply it in the tasks they do (backup a SQL box, managed an IIS Server, manage VMware, etc). 

There are several good starting points - and Don's certainly one of them. There's also Tobias's e-book on this site which I find useful. I understand a new update is coming, but not sure what that will cover. Keith Hill also has an ebook which I have personally enjoyed, Get this at: http://cid-5a8d2641e0963a97.office.live.com/self.aspx/Public/Effective%20Windows%20PowerShell.pdf.  Keith adds some technical depth to the process and is a good read, IMHO. The ebook is, though, a few years old and does not cover any of V3... It's still good. I love the books by Bruce Payette and Lee Holmes. In an ideal world  have and read all of them. Ed Wilson's book on PowerShell best practice is also worth a look.

So best of luck in our journey. Feel free to ask questions here!



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i'm beginner too.may be we can learn together.

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