How to iterate through a get-sqldata resultset

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stiej1977 Posted: 11-01-2011 6:26 AM

how do i iterate through a resultset obtained from using the SQLPSX get-sqldata? I want to output the resultset to an excel file. i'm ok with creating the excel file.


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SQLPSX get-sqldata returns an ADO.Net DataTable. One way to iterate we be to use a ForEach like this:

$tbl = get-sqldata ...

foreach ($row in $tbl) {




Enclosing the field in a $( ) ensures you get the underlying data primitive.

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That's what I wanted to hear! thanks so much. I've spent hours and hours messing round with different ways. just couldn't work out why $row.Field by itself didn't work. Didn't know about this $(....) thing.


thanks a lot


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