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Emort posted on 09-07-2011 2:23 AM


Can anyone get me in the right direction; I’m fairly new in PowerShell, just completed 3 days of v1. And now trying to throw myself in my first project, and it is not going well :-D

 I’m trying to get a result that will show me a sites users and permissions of at SharePoint site

Get-SPUser -Web "WEBSITE" |Select-Object name

Will return the names but not the rights and as I can see it there is no permission property

Get-SPSite ‘WEBSITE’ | Get-SPWeb -Limit All | Select Title, Permissions   ,SiteUsers      

Gets me very close but the permissions are not readable in understandable way and the SiteUsers     are listed in un readable way

I’m I going in a totally wrong direction or missing something?



Get website and list users with their permissions in a readable way


User                   | site                                       | permission

xusr1                  | http://site/site                      |contribute

xusr2                  | http://site/site                      |Read

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Permissions is a deprecated Property. You should try working with RoleAssignments. 

Take a look at this article which shows you how to user this Property with various securable SharePoint objects:

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