Controls to open explorer.exe: Window position and dimension (read/write), panes and bars to show - including StatusText. Possibly Quit-Event control.

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Ben52s posted on 04-25-2012 11:08 AM

Low-level sporadic vb-scripter (automation), after 10 years of nice 'n easy vb-scripting
needs a Power tip:
IE, up to V.6, was easyly scriptable also for In-Place Shell Navigation.
Regarding vb-script, Windows 7 and IE V.9 have lost some functionality, partially covered
and extended in excellent Powershell-capabilities, easy to integrate in vb-script.

An article in
at MSDN-Blogs) entitled
'In-Place Shell Navigation with the WebBrowser Control on Windows 7' describes
Workarounds, but for my lack of knowledge of implementation in vb-script it remained

Maybe PS & explorer can do it:
Powershell permits to control partially the explorer window (size and position).
Are there also controls for the
- panes and bars to show,
- StatusText,
- Event-control like IE 'OnQuit'?

Any suggestion about literature which updates vb-script capabilities is appreciated.
My last status: 'Scripting für Administratoren', MS-Press 979.

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to better help you, what would you want to do with that control?

In VBS times, it was often used as a GUI replacement which is obsolete now.

It also was sometimes used to automate logins or download website data. That's obsolete as well. Beginning with PSv3, there is a new cmdlet called Invoke-Webrequest which handles most automation needs with websites. You can use it to send form data, log on etc.

So knowing what your goal is would help to point you to the best option.

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