Errata for Mastering PowerShell e-book?

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whooper posted on 02-29-2012 1:12 PM

Hello everyone,


I've just started going through the "Mastering PowerShell" e-book and I'm wondering if there is an errata list for it somewhere?  I've run across a couple of examples that didn't work as expected and wanted to make sure I didn't do something wrong.  So far I have been figuring out the issues (some HTML code that slipped into the command, a typo in the file name, etc.) but I feel like I'm re-inventing the wheel every time.  Surely someone has a list out there.


I'm using the PDF, but in each case I have checked it against the web site and the text is the same.  I've found about 4 issues and I'm just starting on Chapter 4.

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This ebook was translated from German to English, then transformed to HTML and provided to the community under the permission of the author, Tobias Weltner. Due to size of this work it is easy to understand why some errors may have crept in. It is not really possible to keep up an Errata page since this site is primarily a community supported site. What people have been doing is providing comments on each Chapter which is posted as a topic page as mistakes are uncovered. This unfortunately does not make it back into the PDF which was a one time cost paid for by the sponsors of this site.

An updated version of the 2nd edition, also translated, will be provided under the same terms shortly. Once the updated version is posted here, I suggest providing comments as other people have been doing in each Chapter or you could send feedback using this link - and the sponsors of this site will evaluate the cost of many any suggested changes.

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I definitely understand that errors do happen.  I hope I didn't come across as complaining that the errors exist, I just wanted to see if there was already a list and how to give back when I found errors.  From your information about an upcoming 2nd edition it probably makes sense to just wait for that and see if the errors are corrected.

I haven't found existing comments in the chapters about the issues I'm seeing, but it sounds like the is the appropriate place to report them if they do show up in the 2nd edition.  Thanks for the information and I look forward to seeing it.

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