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sachin.gangarde posted on 02-27-2012 7:26 AM

Hi Expert,

I am new newbie to powershell. I am creating the application (asp.net , c#) which should create the user in Active directory on my office server. I want to run that application on my laptop which is not part of any domain. The machine whose powershell i am calling is a server machine; but my laptop is not part of any domain. Is it possible to play with active directory using powershell outside the domain.Please guide me.

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Of course you can achieve this!

The RSAT tools run on Windows 7 and make use of some web services you need to add to your AD. These require either at least a Windows Server 2008 R2 DC in the AD or, you can download the web service for downlevel OSs. That will allow you to run cmdlets locally to create a user.

But that's only part of the answer, I think, to your query. In terms of running the PowerShell script/pipeline from within an application, the answer is you can achieve this. You need to work through the authenication. I suspect as long as the C# application is running with the right credentials, you can create and use a run space to run the necessary scripts. It's what Exchange does for example. But how to do this is not so much a PowerShell issue and a ASP.NET problem.


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