Gwmi does not return any instance for Win32_TerminalService on WinXP/W2K3

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Leo Fang posted on 11-03-2011 2:51 AM


My question is the same as this post: but I would like a solution in PowerShell.

Gwmi does not work as no instance is returned for Win32_TerminalService on WinXP/W2K3.

I tested with the VBScript on WinXP and it does work which means the DisconnectedSessions property just "resides" somewhere. In other words, how can I rewrite this VBScript to PowerShell?

Please help. Thanks.




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can you use this " Win32_PerfFormattedData_TermService_TerminalServices"

class, it has "active Session," inactive session" , "total sessions"  values




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