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charles05663 posted on 05-16-2011 3:40 PM


I have VBA script that allows me to export the contents of a Excel spreadsheet into a CSV file.  I have been trying to figure out how to get the VBA command into a PS command and am lost on the parameters. I would like to open the spreadsheet in read-only mode and not see Excel and not prompt me to save changes (as there should be none) when the spreadsheet is closed.


Here is the VBA call that works:

oExcel.Workbooks.Open(InputFile, 0, True, , , , True, , , , False, , False)

from MSDN site, the following are the options for this call:

        FileName,              UpdateLinks,                            ReadOnly,    Format,     Password,
        WriteResPassword, IgnoreReadOnlyRecommended, Origin,         Delimiter,  Editable,
        Notify,                   Converter,                               AddToMru,    Local,       CorruptLoad

If I try the following in PS, it throws an error of a missing expression for the blank parameters:

$WorkBook  = $Excel.WorkBooks.Open($inputFile, $False, $True,,,,$True,,,,$False,,$False)

If I insert $Null where the missing parameters are, it does not work either.

So, I am not sure how to the blank (optional) values in the procedure call.


Thank you...



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I think I have found the answer.  Is this correct?


$objMissingValue = [System.Reflection.Missing]::Value

$WorkBook  = $Excel.WorkBooks.Open($inputFile, $False, $True,$objMissingValue,$objMissingValue,


This does not generate any errors, but it still asks me to save the file.

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$wb = $excel.Workbooks.Open("c:\path...")

and later....:







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