Help me please understand how to install a printer driver.......

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Kevin posted on 07-11-2009 8:45 AM


Hi Everyone

New to powershell. in fact new to scripting in general and things like objects, WMI, .NET...

The purpose of my script is to install local TCP printers on my client machines.

I have writen the code on creating TCP Ports. I am attempting to code the script on how to install the drivers.

I am really struggling to understand the logic and syntax of how to do this.

I am using the [wmiclass]'win32_Printerdriver' static instance. I create a new instance using the .createinstance() method

I fill in the properties of the instance. Which ones by the way are mandatory???

I don't know how to make the changes take effect. Do I need to use the .addprinterdriver() method? If so what paramaters do I require. ( Im not making any sense out of the overload definitions) or do I need to use the .psbase.invokemethod()

I get error message #87 which is 'incorrect paramater'

I have spent hours going round and round in circles, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can someone please explain to me how to add printer drivers and explain what the paramaters mean?

any refernces to carrying this task out would be greatly appreciated as would any examples.

Thanks to all










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