Custom Objects with Loops...

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Damn, I need a brain dump from you to me :-)

How on earth did you get so good at this..

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Thanks, but if you should want someones braindump then go for Bruce Payette not me. I highly doubt he will agree,though since the procedure is probably lethal :D fortunately there is Powershell in Action book which is kinda the same thing :) 

but seriously: powershell in action is great, takes about a month to read. Powershell cookbook may follow as great reference book. Then some general programming book. Code complete. During all of this try to script at least one thing a day. This forum is great source of new topics to learn about. Give ir dome time, work and will. And I am sure I will be asking you the same question in no time :)

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Yeah, i've been dabbling in it for about a year now.. But i'm solely focused on Netapp powershell.  That's where it's at!



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