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PowerTip of the Day

Cloning Objects

In our previous tips we illustrated that PowerShell stores objects by reference. If you want to create a copy, you would have to manually copy the object with all of its properties.

Here is a simple way of cloning objects:

$object1 = @{Name='Weltner'; ID=12 }
$object2 = @{Name='Frank'; ID=99 }

$a = $object1, $object2

# clone entire object by serializing it back and forth:
$b = $a | ConvertTo-Json -Depth 99 | ConvertFrom-Json

$b[0].Name = 'changed'

Note that serialization may change the object types in the copied object, though:

PS C:\> $a[0].GetType().FullName

PS C:\> $b[0].GetType().FullName

PS C:\>

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