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PowerTip of the Day

Magic Underscore Variable

Here is a very special (and very underdocumented) way to use PowerShell parameters. Have a look at this function:

#requires -Version 2

function Test-DollarUnderscore
    [Parameter(Mandatory=$true, ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName=$true)]

    "received: $Test"

It does not seem to be very unusual at first. You can assign values to the -Test parameter, and the function returns them:

PS C:\> Test-DollarUnderscore -Test 'Some Data'
received: Some Data 

But now check out what happens when you pipe data into the function:

PS C:\> 1..4 | Test-DollarUnderscore -Test { "I am receiving $_" }
received: I am receiving 1
received: I am receiving 2
received: I am receiving 3
received: I am receiving 4 

The -Test parameter suddenly and automagically accepts script blocks (although the assigned type was a string), and inside of the script block, you have access to the incoming pipeline element.

You get this very special parameter support when you set ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName=$true with a mandatory paramater, and the incoming data has no property that matches the parameter.


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