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  • Writing Registry Key Default Value

    If you need to set the default value for a registry key, you can use either of these approaches: Set-ItemProperty -Path HKCU:\Software\Somekey -Name ‘ ( Default ) ’ -Value MyValue Or, you can just do this: Set-Item -Path HKCU:\Software\Somekey...
  • Dumping Help

    You can start by dumping all Help information into a file to learn more about a PowerShell cmdlet. You can then read all details about the cmdlet while you are playing with it. This is how you dump all Help information for Get-Process: Get-Help -Name...
  • Out-GridView Requirements

    Out-GridView is a great way to present results in a “mini-Excel” sheet: Get-Process | Out-GridView However, Out-GridView has two requirements:.NET Framework 3.51 and the built-in script editor ISE must both be installed. ISE is not installed...
  • Use CTRL+Arrow!

    Inside the PowerShell console, you can hold CTRL while pressing the arrow key to move the cursor word-by-word. This way, you can move the cursor much faster. ReTweet this Tip!
  • Changing Service Start Mode the PowerShell Way

    When you list services with Get-Service, you will find that a lot of properties may seem to be missing. You can still set such properties when you pipe a service to Set-Service. The following code will change the start mode of the Spooler service (provided...
  • Changing Service Startmode

    You can use WMI like this if you want to change a service start mode: ([ wmi ] 'Win32_Service.Name="Spooler"' ). ChangeStartMode ( 'Automatic' ). ReturnValue ([ wmi ] 'Win32_Service.Name="Spooler"' ). ChangeStartMode...
  • Determining Service Start Mode

    By using WMI, you can enumerate the start mode that you want your services to use. To get a list of all services, try this: Get-WMIObject Win32_Service | Select-Object Name, StartMode If you want to find out the start mode of one specific service, try...
  • Print All PDF Files in a Folder

    Try this one-liner if you need to print out all PDF documents you have stored in one folder: Dir c:\myfolder\ * . pdf | Foreach-Object { Start-Process -FilePath $_ . FullName –Verb Print } ReTweet this Tip!
  • Storing a Picture in Active Directory

    When you need to store a picture into an AD account, the picture will have to be converted to byte values before it can be stored. Just make sure you adjust the path to the picture you want to store and the LDAP path of the AD object you want the picture...
  • Finding Out Video Resolution

    You can use this function if you would like to check the current video resolution on a local or remote system: function Get-Resolution { param ( [Parameter(ValueFromPipeline = $true )] [Alias( "cn" )] $ComputerName = '.' ) process {...
  • Sending Magic Packet

    You can also send a "magic packet" with the machines MAC address if you'd like to wake up a machine,. Here is how to send such a packet-- just make sure you adjust $mac to the MAC address your machine is using. $mac = [ byte []](0x00, 0x11...
  • Finding MAC Addresses

    You can use the network adapter MAC address to wake a computer. Use this line if you want to find the MAC addresses of your network adapters: Get-WmiObject Win32_NetworkAdapter | Where-Object { $_ . MacAddress } | Select-Object Name, MacAddress ReTweet...
  • Getting List of Exchange Rates

    In a previous tip, you learned how to read current exchange rates from the Internet., you can easily create a comprehensive list of all exchange rates by using a hash table: $xml = New-Object xml $xml . Load ( 'http://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/eurofxref...
  • Getting Up-to-Date Exchange Rates

    If you would like to get currency exchange rates, you can simply access a Web service from one of the major banks. Here is how to get the USD exchange rate: $xml = New-Object xml $xml . Load ( 'http://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/eurofxref/eurofxref-daily...
  • Finding 32-Bit Processes

    Did you know that on a 64-bit machine that not all processes are 64-bit? You can use this little trick to filter out only 32-bit processes: Get-Process | Where-Object { ( $_ | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Modules -ea 0 | Select-Object -ExpandProperty...
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