Filter PowerShell Results Fast and Text-Based

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Take a look at this simple filter called grep:

filter grep($keyword) { if ( ($_ | Out-String) -like "*$keyword*") { $_ } }

And here are some samples showing how easy it is to filter results using plain text keywords:

PS > Get-Service | grep running
PS > Dir $env:windir | grep .exe
PS > dir $env:windir | grep 14.07.2009
PS > Get-Alias | grep child

As you can see, while the filtering is based on simple plain text keywords, the results are still rich objects!


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Posted Mar 25 2011, 08:00 AM by ps1


draugasvd wrote re: Filter PowerShell Results Fast and Text-Based
on 03-25-2011 4:12 PM

this good one!

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