Wait For a Program to Finish

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You should use Start-Process and its -Wait parameter if you want to force PowerShell to wait for a program to finish before it continues:

Start-Process notepad -Wait

This will cause PowerShell to suspend until you close Notepad. You should access the program with Get-Process and call its method WaitForExit() if you want to wait for programs that you did not launch yourself, or wait for a program after you launched it. The next line will wait for all running Notepad processes to exit before PowerShell continues:

Get-Process notepad | Foreach-Object { $_.WaitForExit() }



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Posted Mar 17 2011, 08:00 AM by ps1


dwknight wrote re: Wait For a Program to Finish
on 05-12-2011 12:55 PM

The 'Start-Process xyz -Wait' construct will sometimes fail to wait if what is being called is a more complex application with subprocesses rather than a simple process.  I first ran into this when trying to script PSP updates from HP.

The solution is to execute the application and pipe it to out-null, like this:

& myapp.exe | out-null

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