Multidimensional Arrays

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PowerShell supports two types of multi-dimensional arrays: jagged arrays and true multidimensional arrays.

Jagged arrays are normal PowerShell arrays that store arrays as elements. This is very cost-effective storage because dimensions can be of different size:

$array1 = 1,2,(1,2,3),3

True multi-dimensional arrays always resemble a square matrix. To create such an array, you will need to access .NET. The next line creates a two-dimensional array with 10 and 20 elements resembling a 10x20 matrix:

$array2 = New-Object 'object[,]' 10,20
$array2[4,8] = 'Hello'
$array2[9,16] = 'Test'

Posted Dec 05 2008, 08:00 AM by ps1
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