Tobias and Idera make PowerShellPlus 2.1 Beta Public.

Well its been six months or more since our baby PowerShell Plus grew up, left home and moved in with Idera. Well its been progressing nicely, and we are happy to see the vision being fulfilled,nd even expanded, with a successful commercial product. Go Tobias – Go Idera.

Anyhow, I'm pretty much going to reblog the content from Tobias’s blog entry below. If you haven’t tried PS+ yet. I recommend wholeheartedly that you do. It really is about 3 generations and a couple of years ahead of anything else out there. Other vendors have only recently implemented “borrowed” features that have been in PowerShell Analyzer and PowerShell Plus since 2006.


Exciting news! Effective immediately, PowerShellPlus v2.1 Beta is live and publicly available! Below you will find exciting information about an early look at what the PowerShellPlus team has been working on.

PowerShellPlus version 2.1 introduces several new and cool features focused on reducing the PowerShell learning curve, increasing the productivity of PowerShell development and exercising the capabilities of PowerShell 2.0. The new features include:

  • Code sharing – Enables you to leverage the wealth of scripts that reside in the and libraries. Increase your productivity by quickly and easily searching and grabbing the scripts from those libraries. You can also submit your own scripts to the library directly from PowerShell Plus Editor
  • Visual Basic support – The PowerShell Plus Editor can now edit and run Visual Basic scripts
  • STA mode support – Enables you to produce pretty cool looking GUI’s with Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) using PowerShell 2.0.
  • PowerShell Assembly Detection – Gives the Learning Center an auto-upgrade path if PowerShell v2 CTP3 is detected and then displays the most up-to-date information
  • Learning Center Auto-Load - Makes searching for a request with a single match much easier to use since the topic will load automatically, saving extra keystrokes
  • Cmdlet parameter position – Shows you additional information in the code completion popup window about parameters including position and type
  • Console size overlay – Shows you the height and width of the Console when you resize it
  • Additional Sample Scripts - Active Directory, IIS 7.0 and MySQL
  • PowerShell v2 CTP3 Support – Including Block Comments and the $Profile variable

How to get the New Version

Use the link at the bottom of this page to download the installation package, but before you do please read the following disclaimers, warnings and other general portents of doom.

  • This software is a pre-release version and should not be deployed in a production environment. It will not work the way a final version of the software does. Features will change before the final release
  • If you already have a PowerShellPlus license we recommend that you install this version on another machine, but we do support an upgrade in place your production version.
  • If you upgrade your production version of 2.0 we will not overwrite any user customizations that have been made to PowerShellPlus but we do recommend you make a copy of the Sample scripts if you have modified them.
  • A list of the changes is provided in the Release Notes in the Installation Package.
  • This release is designed to provide the PowerShellPlus community with a preview of key features coming in 2.1 and to solicit feedback about them. This Technical Beta is not supported by the Idera Technical Support Team. Please visit the Beta Place:

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows PowerShell Version 1 or Version 2 CTP2 or CTP3
  • Windows XP, Server 2003, Windows Vista, Server 2008, Windows 7

Installation Instructions

To install PowerShellPlus:

  1. Click the link at the bottom of this page and complete the download form
  2. An email will be sent with instructions on how to download the Beta.
  3. After downloading the Beta, unzip the contents of the Installer package.
  4. Read the Release Notes for late breaking information about the Beta.
  5. If you are upgrading from PowerShellPlus 2.0 make that you copy the Sample Scripts to another location, if you have modified them.
  6. Run the Setup.exe program to install PowerShellPlus 2.1.

Grab your copy now:

Download Here

For feedback, bug reports, suggestions and discussions regarding this beta release, please visit and use our Beta Place:



Posted Feb 04 2009, 09:32 PM by Karl Prosser
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