What Security Objections Does Remoting Raise?

Let's say you went to your organization and said, "hey, I want to enable PowerShell Remoting on all of our computers. Today."

What objections would be raised?

I'm asking you to be specific here. I know there are objections and questions - but I want to be clear on exactly what they are. I'm writing a managerial-level guide to Remoting operations and security, and I want to answer those questions and address those objections, but I can only do that if I know exactly what they are. 

Please don't just offer "security" as an objection. Security what? Are you concerned about how auditing works? Authentication? Authorization? Engage with the folks in your organization who might be the question-askers and objection-raisers - get their feedback for me! Please! I'm not promising to change anyone's mind, but at least I can provide an honest set of answers for them. I also want to provide some of Microsoft's positioning information, so that management can understand the foundational nature of Remoting and appreciate that it's mandatory going forward - so they can start focusing on how to properly enable and support it.

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Thank you!

Posted Apr 25 2012, 04:54 PM by Don Jones
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