Julie - Day 2


Powershell is cool!  That what I told my fellow coworkers after reading the 2nd chapter in the Month of Lunches book.  I am a complete newbie to PowerShell.  In fact, I had never even used the program until I got this book.  Our office does not have anyone who knows much about PowerShell so this is a big opportunity for me to bring in some new skills.  I had heard of the power of this tool and I am always looking for ways to be more efficient in my job responsibilities.   I love the fact I can use the commands I already know from good ol’ DOS.  Thank you Microsoft for including that!  PSDrives makes perfect sense after reading section 2.5.  I can see that this is a really big piece of PowerShell.  I had no idea you could get into the registry of a machine besides using the old faithful regedit.  No more drilling down through the layers of a registry.  I now know it’s as simple as typing cd hkcu: and the registry hive that you want. 


A good portion of my job deals with software distribution and troubleshooting desktops.  Our environment is mixed with a huge variety of software titles, operating systems and limited user controls. It is relatively new to Active Directory as we have been slowly migrating away from a Novell environment.  We are continuously struggling with achieving uniformity and meeting aggressive deadlines with a small staff. I see how I can use PowerShell to check in on registry information on remote workstations without interfering with the user quickly and efficiently.  I have vowed to do all my command line tasks in powershell to help cement the concepts I’m learning.  It helps put into practice right away what I’m learning.


I’m looking forward to the next chapter on help.  I’m not big on memorizing commands.  Working in the command line can be intimidating without the ever helpful right click options


A couple of learnings on using the materials from a Month of Lunches.  I have an iPad that I dearly love and was delighted to put the e-book and the video clips on to the device.  It’s been great for me since I typically don’t get an hour block to do one thing. While going through section 2.7, Don reiterates the importance of being an accurate typist with Get-ChildItem –recurse.  I had to read it twice before I realized that the darn iPad had its own idea of where spaces should be when it comes to hyphens.  Something to keep in mind as the commands become more complex.  The videos are great, but I wish they had a chapter number as part of their title.  Once you move them off the DVD, you lose the organized folder structure and some of the titles to the clips are not totally obvious what chapter they belong to.


Posted Mar 05 2012, 03:38 PM by Don Jones
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