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PowerTip of the Day

Change ISE Zoom Level

The PowerShell ISE sports a zoom slider at its lower right edge, and you can control this slider with PowerShell code.

So you could set defaults for it in your $profile script:

$psise.Options.Zoom = 120

Or, write some code to keep your colleagues entertained:

#requires -Version 2

$zoom = $psise.Options.Zoom

# slide in
for ($i = 20; $i -lt 200; $i++)
  $psise.Options.Zoom = $i

# slide out
for ($i = 199; $i -gt 20; $i--)
  $psise.Options.Zoom = $i

# random whacky
1..10 | 
ForEach-Object { 
  $psise.Options.Zoom = (Get-Random -Minimum 30 -Maximum 400)
  Start-Sleep -Milliseconds (Get-Random -Minimum 100 -Maximum 400)

$psise.Options.Zoom = $zoom 

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